Jamila Awad On Love Marriage and Relationships


A starlet in the process that took us by storm through her exceptional performance. Be it a villain in Harb Ahlya, a romantic student in Al Daif or a rebellious pride in Arosty. Amira Tharwat brought you Jamila Awad in an up-close and personal interview to tell us more about her views on arranged marriages and why she will never consider it.

Your latest roles are remarkable who helps you choose your roles?

I am the one who is in complete control of my choices, I read the scrip carefully and see if the character suits me or not

Tell us more about your role in Arosty?

I play the role of Dalila Zaqzouki. she is like many girls who love dancing and playing yoga, a rebellious girl and refuses to get married in a traditional way. In addition, her rebellious attitude is reflected on the person she loved. She makes him abide by her own standards and put him to the test.

The chemistry between you and Ahmed Hatem was very obvious do you believe there are certain screen couples people prefer watching together?

Certainly, there is an on-screen chemistry between us. There are screen duets that the audiences loved like Shwikar and Fouad Al-Mohandes, Anwar Wagdy and Laila Murad, Adel Imam and Youssra, and others whom I love and appreciate very much.

This is your first leading role in cinema, will you consider this in your coming roles?

Actually, this is my second leading role in Cinema. The first one was Banat Sanawy movie, which was presented in the winter of 2020. What I take into account when choosing the role is not whether if it is a leading role or not, but rather its impact on the sequence of the movie. I will never forget the audience’s reactions to my role in Al Daif, which I co-starred with Ahmed Malik, Majid Al-Kadwany and Sherine Reda. The audience’s reaction was priceless, whether in Egypt or internationally when the film participated in Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia and won the Audience Award. I also won the Best Afro-Asian Actress Award from the New Vision International Film Festival in Netherlands for the same role.

Would you ever consider meeting your significant other through arranged meetings?

No way, and I don’t think I will ever think about arranged marriage. I am so romantic and I will never accept getting committed to someone unless I fell in love deeply.

From your experience with friends, do you think arranged marriages last longer these days?

Marriage is a very sensitive and special relationship. It is a relationship that meets a lot of challenges to survive whether if this marriage is arranged or was based on love. We can never assume that there is a certain way of marriage that guarantees its success that is what I noticed from the married couples I’ve seen around me.

The rate of divorce is very high in Egypt what is the reason in your opinion?

I cannot pinpoint the exact reason behind this. However, I can guess it is because of the increased awareness of the new generation and realizing their right in freedom. Girls particularly realized that marriage is not their only ambition, which made them realize that divorce is not the end, and that it is no longer a shameful thing like it used to be in the past.

What is the role of your dreams?

I wish I could play a historical or legendary character from heritage or history.

Your role last Ramadan in Harb Ahlya was amazing, what are you preparing for this year’s holy month?

I didn’t decide yet as I am reading the scripts I am offered.


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