Egyptian Brands Taking Streetwear to the Next Fashion Level!


Street Fashion is indeed on the rise in Egypt, and the following inspiring local brands are the proof…


Quwa presents a strong aesthetic and fashion-forward streetwear appeal, in terms of designs, shoots, and overall brand identity. Their collection is diverse, tells a story, and incorporates a range of fabrics, from denim to viscose; which we don’t see that often with other local brands that mostly focus on cotton.  

Young Noise 

They are young indeed, but the noise this streetwear brand is making is definitely loud. Young Noise is a fusion between urban streetwear and Egyptian culture/history; a fusion that even though might have been explored before, the artistic brains behind this brand have reached a cliché-free formula making it look extra fresh. Let’s just say Queen Nefertiti would’ve been proud…


“A balloon dog, a juice box, a paper plane, a camera film roll, and a GameBoy”, do you know what these staples got in common? Stepping up as the frontline muses behind the fashion creations of Waste. The Egyptian online streetwear brand has chosen to use what otherwise would be regarded as expendable icons from our childhood / Waste. , as an inspiration for their designs. We would call them “Out of the Box”, but we can’t even locate the box here.  


Funk Du Caire 

Now that one takes the word ‘Concept’ to a whole nother level with their designs, with every piece delivering a message; a message of love from Cairo, to Cairo. It’s not for the masses though; there is no manufacturing nor restocking, so whatever message you’ll pick, you would be one of the very few ones receiving it. 


Honestly, that list wouldn’t be complete without that brand wrapping it up. Rich’a streetwear clothing has been a part of the local fashion scene for over two years now, having the Egyptian culture as the center of their inspiration since the very beginning. Their most recent collection Winter 2020 titled Downtown, is pure artistry, in which they roam the streets of Cairo, fishing for authentic stories, and indeed they did. They fished, captured, they transformed each story into wearable pieces.  


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