Amany El Cherif Winter 2022 Collection


Amira Tharwat talks to Egyptian fashion designer Amany El Cherif about what inspires her to launch her latest collection for Fall/Winter 2022, the fabric she uses and the personality traits of the ladies who choose to wear this collection.

Tell us more about your ready to wear FW 2022 collection…

This collection was created to make women feel beautiful and confident. The aim of the collection was to inspire women to celebrate their femininity through vibrant colors and sensual fabrics.

What was your inspiration?

A lot of the collection’s inspiration came from colorful locations that are extremely captivating and draw you in, hence the vibrance of the color palette.

What are the fabrics you used?

The main fabric used for this collection is satin, it fits in with the aim of the collection in the sense that it flows with the body, giving it a sensual feel.

Describe the girl that would wear this collection in three words…

Confident, Sensual and alluring.

What is your favorite piece?

The Magdalena Dress because the color is very vigorous and the design is not traditional but exciting.

Each dress has a name would you tell us what is the significance of those names?

The concept behind naming the dresses was to give each piece its own sense of strong identity, personality and presence similar to the women who would be wearing from the collection. The significance of the names could be traced back to the idea of the type of women who would be wearing the dress and what they would be like, what they present themselves as, and how the dress can add to that.

What are the biggest challenges you encounter when executing your designs?

The biggest challenge during the execution is presenting my vision in the most accurate way possible in order to have it executed properly. It’s also important to stick close to the theme and the same perspective in order for the collection to remain cohesive; sometimes I find myself straying away from the initial soul of the collection but I always manage to find my way back.


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