Those 5 Egyptian Brands are Elevating Swimwear!


Are you ready to take your swimwear to a whole new level? If yes, then you came to the right place, because these 5 local brands will help you step up your beach fashion game… 


Don’t get fooled by the name, because Bazic is far from being just that. This all-Egyptian women’s fashion brand has found the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance, adding a refined twist to your regular swimsuit and summer outfit. Bazic offers a wide array of swimsuit designs for every summer taste out there.


This swimwear brand takes men’s swim shorts to a whole new level with its unique choice of fabrics. Kju’s latest SS ’21 collection includes a diverse range of colors and patterns, adding a hint of class to every piece while keeping it summer-cheerful. 

Hydro Swimwear

Finding the right burkini was never an easy task! You just have to check so many points, such as fitting, whether it’s modest enough or not, the material, among other things; and it’s considered a privilege to think of design and style when choosing one. However, thankfully, local brands like Hydro Swimwear came to the rescue, making it possible for hijabi women to look elegant and contemporary knowing they are wearing a flattering swimsuit just like any other.

Kai Collections 

Kai got something for everyone, literally! This homegrown swimwear brand offers swimsuits for men, women, and kids, with hip colorful designs that are perfect for the sunny season. Families can also go matchy-matchy with Kai, as they use the same fabric for some of their designs. 


Boho, urban, Hawaiian, abstract, you name the design, Psyche probably has it! The Swim trunks that this brand got for you have youth and fun written all over them. This Egyptian brand has styles that only the confident ones can pull off. So, if you want to stand out, Psych is the right place for you.  


Take a look at our favorite Local Streetwear Brands when you’re done, to complete your summer wardrobe!  


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