InterContinental Cairo Citystars’ Chefs Achieve Remarkable Success at 2023 National Salon of Culinary Arts


InterContinental Citystars has recently hosted the prestigious 2023 National Salon of Culinary Arts event, organized by the Egyptian Chefs Association. This remarkable culinary extravaganza captivated audiences and garnered attention from the industry.

The event brought together a diverse group of talented professional chefs from renowned restaurants, hotels, and culinary establishments across Egypt. With the objective of promoting their craft to a broader audience, the event attracted representatives from various embassies and displayed their culinary arts.

A highlight of the salon was the participation of numerous accomplished chefs who competed in different categories, including finger foods, vegetarian menus, four-course menus, three-course Egyptian menus, main dishes, delectable sweet and petit four creations.

These competitions featured dishes that highlighted not only taste but also stunning presentation, utilizing a unique food preservation technique known as “Aspic” or dishes with a gelatin layer that retains their freshness and excellence for several hours.

The culinary team of InterContinental Citystars has achieved outstanding accomplishments at the 2023 National Salon of Culinary Arts. With an impressive collection of 12 bronze medals, 4 silver medals, and the prestigious ECA Culinary Trophy 2023, the talented team of chefs has demonstrated remarkable expertise and culinary excellence.

“We are incredibly proud of our chefs for their outstanding accomplishments at the 2023 National Salon of Culinary Arts,” said Dieter Franke, General Manager of the hotel and Regional General Manager IHG Egypt and North Africa. “Their dedication to their craft and passion for culinary excellence is truly inspiring. We are honored to have hosted this prestigious event and to have showcased the talents of our world-class chefs.”

With the support of dedicated sponsors and the collaboration of passionate chefs and hospitality experts, the salon proved to be an exceptional showcase of culinary artistry. The event was a testament to the talent and dedication of the Egyptian culinary industry, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who attended.


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