Tutankhamun – The Immersive Exhibition Opens its Doors at the Grand Egyptian Museum


Anticipation is building as the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) opens its doors to the highly acclaimed “Tutankhamun – The Immersive Exhibition”. In collaboration with Madrid Artes Digitales, this groundbreaking exhibition invites visitors to embark on an epic odyssey, walking alongside King Tutankhamun, the Golden King whose story has captivated the world for millennia.

The immersive exhibition uses state-of-the-art digital projections to unfold the story of a king, a legend, and an enduring mystery. This captivating audiovisual journey spans over 3,400 years of history, immersing visitors in meticulously recreated temples, treasures, and secrets of Ancient Egypt. Through his eyes, visitors can experience the wonders and mysteries of his world, from the creation myths of Heliopolis to the hidden treasures of his tomb. Tutankhamun himself serves as the guide, leading guests through his life, legacy, and the marvels of the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

The enchanting experience is enhanced by an exceptional soundtrack, creating an unforgettable encounter with history.

Originally launched in Madrid, Spain, in November 2022, “The Tutankhamun – The Immersive Exhibition” quickly became a cultural attraction, drawing over 300 thousand visitors in just 8 months and earning prestigious awards.

This groundbreaking exhibition, part of the GEM’s temporary exhibition series managed by Legacy Development and Management, a subsidiary of Hassan Allam Holding, is a testament to the museum’s commitment to showcasing Egypt’s rich cultural heritage. The GEM, poised to become Egypt’s leading cultural and entertainment destination, continues to contribute to Egypt’s economic development by offering a diverse range of experiences and activities.

Visitors can purchase exhibition tickets online through the following link, visit-gem.com/tut and ticketing office. This limited-time exhibition will captivate audiences for three months, providing a unique opportunity to witness history come alive in an innovative way.


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