Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino Unveils “Gatherings by Sheraton” with Interactive Culinary Event at Giannini’s New York Italian Restaurant


Embark on a journey of cultural immersion and culinary delight with the Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino’s latest initiative, “Gatherings by Sheraton.” This innovative program aims to connect guests and locals alike through enriching experiences inspired by the stories and flavors of the vibrant Cairo community.

The cornerstone of this exciting launch is a unique culinary event at Giannini’s New York Italian Restaurant, featuring the masterful talents of newly appointed Executive Sous Chef Giovanni. In partnership with Ipan, a leading local cast iron supplier, Chef Giovanni will unveil a delectable new menu infused with authentic Italian flavors and crafted with the exceptional versatility of cast iron cookware.

On 9 February 2024, 25 esteemed local food bloggers participated in this interactive experience and witnessed Chef Giovanni’s captivating live cooking demonstration, savored each exquisite dish alongside him, and delved into the secrets of the menu’s creation. Ipan further enriched the evening with an informative presentation on the benefits of cast iron cooking, culminating in a generous gift of 25 beautiful cast iron pans for the bloggers to take home.

However, the journey did not end there! The hotel empowers the bloggers to become culinary ambassadors, providing them with key recipe ingredients and encouraging them to recreate their favorite dishes from the new menu using their new cast iron cookware. Their creations will then take center stage in a captivating social media competition, inviting audiences worldwide to celebrate the magic of cultural discovery through food.

“Gatherings by Sheraton” signifies a bold new chapter for the hotel, one that redefines travel and connection. We at Sheraton Cairo believe that local authentic experiences transcend sightseeing,” shares Giovanni. “Through curated events like this, we hope to ignite curiosity, foster meaningful relationships, and ultimately, allow our guests to truly taste the essence of Cairo.” Stay tuned for further updates on the exciting world of “Gatherings by Sheraton” and prepare to be swept away by the captivating tapestry of Cairo’s vibrant culture, one delicious bite at a time


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