Ramadan Lavish Open Buffet Iftar at Fairmont Nile City!


On the 9th of April 2022, Fairmont Nile City hosted a VIP Iftar event at its main authentic restaurant, L’Uliveto, with a gathering attended by a group of elite celebrities, media representatives, food bloggers and lifestyle influencers.

L’Uliveto during the holy month of Ramadan, provides the guests with the oriental open buffet vibes for iftar from the richest oriental items, changed daily serving the food that satisfies the different cravings with a special taste. You can try the various special dishes as the goulash stuffed with ducks, the turkey stuffed with fereik, the peigons stuffed with shrimps or many other special dishes that are served on the open buffet with the salads, appetizers, mezzes and the other dishes besides the sweet corner that consists of oriental desserts in the open buffet, that will boost your adrenaline. Not just that, but also the mezzes, salads, and tajines that are served on the tables during the iftar time.

Ramadan at Fairmont Nile City is like no other.


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