Launching of the German initiative, the African Journalists Club for Economic Affairs and Climate Action


Lydia Roeber, the founder of the African Journalists Club for Economic Affairs and Climate Action said:

Hand in Hand with all African journalists specialized in Water industry, Environmental Protection and Sustainability.

Germany is interested in the African continent and working on its development as it is considered as one of the largest donor countries in the European and in the world scale, many sectors are supported. Especially in Arab and African countries where also institutions are active. Furthermore, the German government provides 350 million euros annually for the implementation of economic projects in the areas of climate and sustainability. Whereby 40% of these economic support focuses on the water sector- THE topic of the future!

This subsidization refers to technical and technological services for many areas in Africa and the Middle East. Germany is doing its share in solving problems and challenges of our time – such as water scarcity, environmental issues, and climate protection, which also affect the countries of the African continent. Africa is the second largest continent on earth in terms of area, with a population that accounts for about 18% of the world’s population. This means that a large part of the world’s population will face many environmental challenges such as water and food poverty and the effects of climate change.

In view of these challenges of the future – After discussions with experts in Germany and water technology and environmental interest groups, the idea and initiative were born to find this African Journalists Club, and thus to integrate the forces of journalist with the international societies interested in these significant environmental issues.

This initiative starts, supported, and based in Germany, here in Africa from Egypt, because Egypt is considered a strategic partner of Germany.

There are some basic points:

1. the idea of the club is based on representing the interests of the African journalists in the field of water economy, climate etc. and creating a strategic cooperation between African journalists and all relevant external stakeholders.

2.The Club will be a communicative bridge for expressing and transferring all environmental issues and challenges to the relevant international partners.

3. The club provides opportunities for journalists to network, workshops for African journalists are planned based on German and European standards.

4.  Possibility for specialized journalists to the sharpening of a common professional vision. 

5. to deepen and enhance the cooperation between the African journalists in that respect.

6. The journalists play the most important role to encourage the investments to the African countries. Through the media contributions, the investors can learn more about the potential opportunities

The club will serve not only the African continent, but also the business community at all.


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