A Global Marriott International appreciation for Hany Zaki front office manager at Sheraton Cairo Hotel


The bustling lobby of the Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Casino hummed with activity. Guests checked in, chattering excitedly about their upcoming adventures. Amidst the controlled chaos stood Hany Zaki, Front Office Manager at Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Casino, a confident figure radiating calmness and efficiency. His journey to this position was a testament to his dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence in hospitality. Over 27 years Mr. Hany showing his hard work and loyalty to Marriott International.

In 2023, Zaki received a letter of recognition from Marriott International’s top management in the EMEA regional office as well as the global office. He was honored to receive this appreciation letter from Mr. Anthony Capuano, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Satya Anand, the President, Europe, Middle East & Africa of Marriott International, Mr. Sandeep Walia, Chief Operating Officer – Middle East at Marriott International, and Mr. Ahmed Hozaien Area Vice-President Marriott International. We asked Mr. Hani Zaki about how he feels receiving the recognition letter.  He stated, “I felt immense gratitude and there was also a surge of pride that swept through me. Knowing that my commitment to excellence resonated all the way up to the regional office was incredibly validating. It reinforced my belief that I am on the right track and instilled a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.”

Hany Zaki’s story is an inspiring example of hard work, perseverance, and a genuine passion for service. He embodies the qualities of a true hospitality leader, leaving a lasting impact on his colleagues, guests, and the industry as a whole. He continues to inspire his team with his dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction


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